But I should still compost, right?

So, before I got distracted this morning by the exploits of the soon-to-be-former governor of Illinois (seriously, Chicago politicians...stay classy!), I meant to post on this depressing article from yesterday's Times.

Apparently, in addition to wrecking the value of your 401k, your home, and your plans to retire early, the recession has also rendered your community recycling center rather less useful than before. I suppose, if there's an upside in everyone's having a lot less money, it's that we'll all be buying less, and thus reducing our production of refuse. We're due for a trip to our local recycling center, and I'll be curious to see if they curtail their (rather impressive) list of accepted items.

One casualty in all of this is my childlike belief that they somehow turn my old papers, glass and plastic back into trees, beaches and dinosaurs.


  1. the 'dump' at Lopez (the island where my parents lived, population 1400) is the heart of the community. Everyone comes to "Niel's Mall" to shop -- or rather, reuse what our neighbors have gotten rid of. A few years ago, Waste Management bought the dump and threatened to close it and just to curbside trash pick-up... such a hue and cry! Thankfully, the dump survived (though they made Neil work out of a strange little tollbooth instead of wandering around talking with folks).

  2. Yeah, that totally sounds like Lopez. I still remember touring the house of one of your guests after your wedding and seeing what amounted to her interior rain forest for reprocessing of "brown water."

  3. recycling is kind of hard to do if you don't have the cycle to begin with. I am serious, it is far easier if you simply don't buy so much crap.
    Anyway, I subscribed to your blog, although I must say I am a little disappointed, so far it is nothing but staggering insight and pithy posts when I was really hoping for staggering posts and pithy insight.

  4. East Coast politicians do this kind of thing all the time; they just don't get caught.

    -Jen B.

  5. What if I stagger while writing my posts?