Pace commenter Jen, while I agree that the Senate is a granfalloon of buffoons and blowhards, I can't really support the appointment for a person whose only claim to the position is a storied family history. By all accounts, she's an intelligent and dedicated individual who would doubtless be a credit to the chamber, particularly considering some of the clowns that have lately been known to frequent the place. But I didn't like it when the GOP foisted an incompetent moron on the American people just because of his last name, and I am no great fan of similar behavior when my party does it (even if the person in question is probably not an incompetent moron). Hell, I wasn't particularly happy when the current occupant of the seat in question was put forward as a candidate, what with her primary qualification being the man she'd stayed married to, but at least she actually won an election to get it.

It doesn't help matters much when a major argument being made for appointing Caroline Kennedy to the Senate (apparently) is that she can afford to run again in two and four years.

And this infuriating crap, reported in the interim between my starting this post and finishing it, only makes matters worse. What the hell is wrong with you people?!??!? Are you trying to make my throat close up?

Update: Jason Zengerle unhelpfully wonders what would have happened if Obama had "played ball" with Blagojevich. Um... he would be facing indictment. Thankfully, he didn't "play ball," so it's rather a moot point.

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  1. I have no problem if Caroline is given the nod. Yes she is rich, but she has lost all of her family partly due to the presses relentless focus on her family. Call it a consolation prize if you will, and it will be only for 2 years. I am also not all that stoked for it to go to another ambitious politician who got where he was by being strictly a politician, a civilian is good for a change, even if she is a very famous one.
    In the end, where do you strike that balance, you can't give it to a true civilian, or we will wind up with a Joe the plumber, but NY politicians are what they are so in the end this is why I have no problem with Caroline.