Was it all bad?

So with 22 days left of George Walker Bush's presidency, I thought I'd invite you to comment on some of the positive points, the highlights and successes, of his 8 years in office...


OK, come on. In over 2900 days as President, there must have been some good points.  There was that  major funding initiative to stop AIDS in Africa. Of course, much of that focused on an abstinence policy that doesn't work -- doesn't work in the US, either, where a new study shows that those who take 'virginity pledges' are MORE likely to engage in unsafe sex when they break that pledge. Even Sec. Rice has a hard time defending #43 with any concrete examples. But there must be some -- I invite your suggestions!


  1. I have one! GWB gave us one really good quote about abortion. He said, "Good people disagree about this issue."

    Of course, come to think of it, that was probably a speechwriter's words ... oh, well ...

  2. Actually, GWB wasn't too far afield in his attempt to reform immigration policy, though his guest worker policy was unworkable. Certainly, that wasn't a highlight or a success, but I'd be willing to say it was close to a positive point, at least as compared to the nativists and xenophobes in his own party.

  3. China. When the US spy plane hit (was hit by) a chinese jet, he negotiated that mess pretty well. And North Korea has not tested any more nukes. And the US relationship with India is rock solid.