new content (and new problems)

Dan's morning post pointed out that "bleakonomy" sounds rather...bleak. So I've added a humor page (bleakomedy?) to bleakonomy.com

At the moment, there's just a list of some comic strips and webcomics -- all funny, and all offering a skewed look at the economy, politics, and the world around us. But I'd love your suggestions on more content -- drop me an email, or write to info @ bleakonomy.com, or just put your suggestions here on the blog

Which brings me to a second point: blogger seems to be having difficulties accepting comments this afternoon, as well as new posts. The good folks at blogger.com are working to resolve the issue, so hang tight and come back soon (or obsessively all evening, trying over and over to post your brilliant comment about the XVII Amendment and the appointment of US Senators....or was that just me?)

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