Make that "a deep shade of green"

I have had to accept many hard truths about my life. There are some things I am unlikely to win. I will probably have to give up my dreams of being a male model at some point. (I still think there is a value in appealing to the goofy-looking gentleman.) No matter how many phone calls I make to Gov. Paterson's office, it looks increasingly likely that the open Senate seat is going to go to someone else. And I try not to think about how Zadie Smith and I are almost exactly the same age, and only one of us has won the Whitbread Prize.

But you wanna know whose life and career totally makes me crazy? This guy.

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  1. Except that Jon Favreau is, apparently, a douchebag (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/12/04/one_more_question.html) and you are not.