So, 27 hours ago my family (sister, brother-in-law, 3-year-old nephew) left Texas for Boston. What was supposed to be the smaller storm, what was supposed to be rain, turned into a mess and 10 minutes before they landed... hold on... 10 minutes before they landed!...Logan Airport closed its runways and the plane was diverted to:


Yes, because northern Maine is a great place to go in the midst of a winter storm.

At the same time, a good friend's parents, trying to fly to Bangor, got re-routed from Bangor to...
you guessed it: Boston.

We considered swapping families for the holidays. Instead, my family is still on the runway in Bangor, having gotten up at 3am for a flight leaving before dawn down to Boston. E
xcept the crew didn't show up.

My question is: Where the hell is my transporter?

Seriously, Mr. President. Set aside the demands for universal health care, green jobs, solving climate change and getting out of Iraq. What we need to do in this country is to say "Beam me up, Mr. Obama."

Think about it -- we'd dramatically reduce our climate footprint (goodbye, 747's), we'd hav
e new jobs creating and installing transporters, we could evacuate from Iraq instantaneously. Heck, we could accidentally beam Dick Cheney into the vacuum of outer space. Our economy would be more efficient because we wouldn't be wasting time commuting and we wouldn't have to worry about our crumbling bridge infrastructure because we'd be beaming ourselves everywhere. And having so much fun that we wouldn't notice that the health care system is falling apart.

But it's all a pipe dream, isn't it? If our transporters were anything like our airlines, I'd have to wait 3 hours in line and then my luggage would get beamed to Vladivostok and my left arm would get beamed into the sun.

Update: Delayed in de-icing, it's going to be at least noon before they can take off. 30 hours from Texas to Boston?

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  1. Slight correction if I may.

    We (the parents) had reached Detroit when the storm hit the North-East. All flights were being cancelled, and we gathered it would be around Wednesday before we might have made Bangor due to all the flights being overbooked already.

    However, since a) there were seats on the last flight to Boston that night and b) Boston generally is efficient at cleaning its runways, we elected to swop our tickets - and since flying to Boston is cheaper than to Bangor, we even got to fly first.

    Not such a good idea when the Boston plane then sits at the gate with the door open for an extra hour waiting for passengers on delayed flights - or when the jetway in Boston is frozen at 1:30 am and you cant unload, but 24 hours later we finally got here. Courtesy of the Bus line from Boston, which was actually quite impressive since, when the first bus became full, they promptly put on a second (which we caught) without all the hassle of baggage checks etc.