In other news, cats prefer all-fish diet

Oh, readers. Weep with me for our shattered illusions.

First we learn that the GOP maybe has some work to do on race relations. Then, in a move sure to send palms smacking foreheads across the nation, political super-genius Rod "The Clod" Blagojevich decides to go ahead and name a replacement for Obama anyhow, despite the possibility that the choice might face one or two challenges down the road. (And here I was, thinking he was a misunderstood public servant that would never do anything to create undue drama for its own sake. My heart, it breaks.) But nothing prepared me for this:

IT must stink to be one of the people actually working for Diane von Furstenberg. Though reality starlet Whitney Port will be seen toiling for the designer on her new MTV spin-off series, "The City," which premieres tonight, [Read: Whitney Hits 'The City' For Next 15 Mins of Reality Fame] one source tells us, "She doesn't really work. She is hardly ever in the office." Those who do work for von Furstenberg, however, are in the office daily and "can't get their work done because MTV tells them they can't move any thing at their work stations. They do so many reshoots that everything has to look exactly the same every day."
What??!? Can it be? The "star" of an MTV "reality" series may not, in fact, be the hard-working fashionista we all honestly, truly believe her to be? We, the credulous public, are being duped?

Look. I don't know anything about the average MTV viewer. All I really know about MTV these days is that it produces the worst TV show I have ever seen. The few times I have watched it at all have been the intellectual equivalent of quaffing a Drano margarita. But, in all seriousness, if you're watching MTV under the assumption that a single moment of anything you see is anything but 100% pure, unalloyed crapola, then you should probably have your medication titrated.

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